Yesssss folkens! =)

NM i Aeropress går altså av stabelen på Lørdag 22. Mars.
Plakaten blir ferdig om kort tid, så i mellomtiden kan vi friske opp dagen din med en liten teaser. =)

Detaljer om arrangement:
Tid: 16:00, Lørdag 22. Mars
Sted: Barista School, Tromsøgt 5b Oslo


We recently were invited to share the office space of Nordic Approach, and are thusly situated amidst a flurry of amazing beans. In addition, we’ve recently made our trip around the globe – resulting in a quite expansive harvest from different roasters.

The other day we had a visit from Serbia, a roaster named Djole from Pržionica, Belgrade. We cupped some awesome Nordic Approach samples, including La Divina Providencia, El Salvador, Bokasso and Hunkute from the Sidamo region as well as Wote from the Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia. Also we had a total acid trip on the floral and fruity Kenyans, AA Gaturiri and AB Gichathaini from the Nyeri region.

Cupping with Nordic Approach and Djole of Przionica, Belgrade

Photo: Marith Brithsdatter Photography From left: Harald J. Vøyle, Djole from Przionica, Ivana Radusinovic, Morten Wennersgaard

As a side gig, we cupped some exceptional and some quite good coffees, roasted in cities around the globe.
Glasgow, Scotland – Dear Green – Gatomboya AB, Kenya, washed
Melbourne, Australia – Coffee Supreme – El Dessarrollo, Colombia, washed
Melbourne, Australia – Proud Mary Coffee Roasters – Don Pepe Geisha, Panama, washed
Fukuoka, Japan – MANLY Coffee – Ethiopia, natural
Portland OR, USA – Heart Roasters – Chelba, Ethiopia, washed
Helsingborg, Sweden – Koppi Roasters – Thunguri AA, Kenya, washed
Tokyo, Japan – Little Nap Coffee Stand – Ethiopia, washed
Oslo, Norway – Tim Wendelboe – Tekangu, Kenya, washed
Busan, S. Korea – Momos Coffee – Blend: COE #1 Nicaragua, COE #3 Honduras, Yukro Ethiopia

Cupping roasters around the world.

Photo: Marith Brithsdatter Photography Cupping roasters around the world.

All photos: Marith Brithsdatter Photography

Tasting Przionica Specialty Coffee Roasters from Belgrade
A couple days before, we had a nice surprise, actually cupping four different roasts from Przionica, Belgrade. They have been studying roasting inspired by Tim Wendelboe and got their direction via Nik Orosi, the 2006. 2007, 2008 and 2013 Croatian Barista Champion. Djole says they got a course from Nik and have been talking with him a lot about roasting and how to get the real potential out of a coffee. Surprise for us, having never heard of a specialty coffee roaster in Serbia – these roasts were actually really really good! Definitely on par with some of the best roasters in Norway.

We tasted four different roasts, two ethiopians, a costa rican and an el salvador

All photos: Marith Brithsdatter Photography

Kaffikaze at Visuelt 2013

Kaffikaze instagram: Regram from @onionmag from our presentation today! #10minutesoffame #visuelt2013 #kaffikaze

Phew! That was quick. We had a short 10 minute speech about niche branding in the specialty coffee industry at Visuelt 2013 / #visuelt2013. Frankly speaking it was actually 11min 37sec according to the allmighty Strawberry timer.

See all our slides in this .PDF =)

Kaffikaze at Visuelt 2013

A-Z Coffee, the anti coffee table book: Tiny book gets massive media response

We talked about social media. We always wind up meeting people all around the world who we know from instagram already – it’s like we’re already friends before we’ve even met! Naturally we had to instagram live on stage.

Kaffikaze at Visuelt 2013

@Ingrimj instagram: Live from the stage @visuelt presenting #kaffikaze #visuelt2013

Kaffikaze at Visuelt 2013

Our concept formed itself over time when we realized that specialty coffee bars around the world need products to sell that aren’t sold anywhere else. In addition, these products should be fun!

Visuelt is the National Norwegian Graphic Design Awards. The Visuelt seminar is held annually in Oslo, arranged by Grafill, the Norwegian interest organization for people working with visual communication. This year’s seminar also featured food from Food Studio and some amazing coffee from the esteemed Tim WendelboeFinca Tamana! Yum!! 

Another example of coffee stuff that's not coffee. A t-shirt with a stunning Aeropress illustration.

Another example of coffee stuff that’s not coffee. A t-shirt with a stunning Aeropress illustration.

The Mile High Aeropress Club is a community of coffee enthusiasts all around the world, dedicated to make world class coffee everywhere.

The Mile High Aeropress Club is a community of coffee enthusiasts all around the world, dedicated to make world class coffee everywhere.

Our background in specialty coffee explored for the design industry audience.

Our background in specialty coffee explored for the design industry audience.

Kaffikaze at Visuelt 2013

Ingri M. Johnsen and Harald J. Vøyle were pretty pleased after speaking with such a great crowd.

We at Kaffikaze have travelled a lot around lately, Harald and Ingri went to Japan and Australia via Finland and Singapore, while Lars flew over to NYC to attend the 2nd annual Food Book Fair, where he hosted a Coffee Crawl together with the awesome Oliver Strand! Here´s Lars´s own version of what went down: 

I have been meaning to write a little bit about my week in NYC, The Food Book Fair and The Coffee Crawl I co-hosted together with Oliver Strand. Sorry for the Long delay, things have been really busy around here, at least you don´t have to wait any longer!

To start off, we went on Heritage Radio Network show, Foodseen, to talk a little bit of the events of the weekend.

Tune in here:

also, to kick of the 2nd annual Food Book Fair was an opening party at the

Brooklyn winery, which also doubled as a Fundraiser for Veggie Island. For this I brewed up a few Chemexes of some astonishing coffees from Solberg & Hansen and Kaffa.

Here goes:

 During the first Weekend of may, the 2nd Annual Food Book Fair went down in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC, the venue for this was the Wythe Hotel. FBF was founded by Elizabeth Thacker Jones in 2012 and is a platform for discussing and thinking about food and the framework that exists around our consumption of food, as well as a celebration of the intersection between food and design.
This year´s rendition consisted of a three-day series of panel discussions, cooking demonstrations, book signings, Dining events, tastings, events to stimulate new enterprises and Foodieodicals, all celebrating food, writing, art, design, ideas and people behind it.

In addition to setting up a table at Foodieodicals, I (as mentioned earlier) co-hosted a Williamsburg Coffee Crawl For the Food Book Fair.

Coffee Crawl

For the event I created a Coffee Map, curated by Mr. Strand and an itinerary, showing the various steps and themes of the Crawl.

MapLarge itinerary
We started off at Toby´s Estate where we learnt a bit about Roasting and cupping (cup tasting). Head Roaster Deaton was so generous as to Roast a batch of coffee right in front of all 25 people on the crawl!
Cupping/ cuptasting at Toby´s Estate.
Next up was Blue Bottle.
Here we tried 1 coffee brewed 3 different ways, a Rwandan Coffee on Chemex, Oji Cold- drip and French Press. Also they served a selection of cookies made Using Mast Brothers Chocolate.
Onwards to Sweetleaf, where they profiled and served 2 different espresso shots to everybody(!)
To Finish it up, we went to Reynard´s at the Wythe Hotel where I brewed up a few Chemexes of coffee I had brought over from Oslo to showcase what the Norwegian Capital has to offer in terms of Coffee Roasting.
A big thanks to Tim WendelboeSolberg & Hansen and Kaffa for supplying these utterly amazing coffees so that I got to share them with the crowd.
Of course I also took the opportunity to check out what NYC´s coffee scene had to offer, and thus have loads of photos on my Instagram
To finish it all off I Mile High Aeropressed me some Heart, Colombia El Desarollo on the plane back, delicious!
I met so many awesome people, ate and drank so much delicious stuff! Thanks you so much to everybody! I had a great time and can´t wait to go back next year!

So guys, we’ve just travelled across the globe and back.

Kart_reise_ingriharald_JAC2013_WAC2013_MICE2013 ingriharald Aerokira_desktop_background_atarashii

While Lars was chillin’ out in his crib (after hosting an insane Coffee Crawl in NY City with coffee reporter legend Oliver Strand), Ingri and Harald were in Tokyo for the Japan Aeropress Championship 2013, where Ingri was head judge and Harald was working with a skilled team of reporting superheroes (Yuuki Kakihara, Editor, and Mariko Kurose, Photographer) to make a couple features for Also we visited Melbourne for the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE2013WBC2013, WBC2013, WAC and DrBC2013 – #DrBC2013). Ingri competed in the World Aeropress Championship and took a blow in favor of the Hungarian Aeropress Champion Tibor Várady (Espresso Embassy, Budapest) – who went on to take 3rd in the WAC2013. Congrats Tibor!! 😀

Anyway – what we need to tell you right now is that the details and stories about this will be disclosed shortly after we’ve finished working on, rehearsing and delivering this speech that we’re having tomorrow at Visuelt 2013.

For those not Norwegian and not in the design industry, Visuelt is for Norwegian designers what SCAA and/or WBC is to specialty coffee. It’s a seminar and a competition, a gathering of the créme de la créme of Norwegian designers. We’re terrified and exhilarated of course – it’s gonna be fine.

Talk to you soon!
Onya mate,

Ingri & Harald