Errrhmerrhgerrrhd!!! Visuelt 2013 here we come! :D

So guys, we’ve just travelled across the globe and back.

Kart_reise_ingriharald_JAC2013_WAC2013_MICE2013 ingriharald Aerokira_desktop_background_atarashii

While Lars was chillin’ out in his crib (after hosting an insane Coffee Crawl in NY City with coffee reporter legend Oliver Strand), Ingri and Harald were in Tokyo for the Japan Aeropress Championship 2013, where Ingri was head judge and Harald was working with a skilled team of reporting superheroes (Yuuki Kakihara, Editor, and Mariko Kurose, Photographer) to make a couple features for Also we visited Melbourne for the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE2013WBC2013, WBC2013, WAC and DrBC2013 – #DrBC2013). Ingri competed in the World Aeropress Championship and took a blow in favor of the Hungarian Aeropress Champion Tibor Várady (Espresso Embassy, Budapest) – who went on to take 3rd in the WAC2013. Congrats Tibor!! 😀

Anyway – what we need to tell you right now is that the details and stories about this will be disclosed shortly after we’ve finished working on, rehearsing and delivering this speech that we’re having tomorrow at Visuelt 2013.

For those not Norwegian and not in the design industry, Visuelt is for Norwegian designers what SCAA and/or WBC is to specialty coffee. It’s a seminar and a competition, a gathering of the créme de la créme of Norwegian designers. We’re terrified and exhilarated of course – it’s gonna be fine.

Talk to you soon!
Onya mate,

Ingri & Harald

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