Everyday stuff: Tasting coffee roasted in 8 different countries, and some awesome fresh crop Kenya from Nordic Approach

We recently were invited to share the office space of Nordic Approach, and are thusly situated amidst a flurry of amazing beans. In addition, we’ve recently made our trip around the globe – resulting in a quite expansive harvest from different roasters.

The other day we had a visit from Serbia, a roaster named Djole from Pržionica, Belgrade. We cupped some awesome Nordic Approach samples, including La Divina Providencia, El Salvador, Bokasso and Hunkute from the Sidamo region as well as Wote from the Yirgacheffe region in Ethiopia. Also we had a total acid trip on the floral and fruity Kenyans, AA Gaturiri and AB Gichathaini from the Nyeri region.

Cupping with Nordic Approach and Djole of Przionica, Belgrade

Photo: Marith Brithsdatter Photography From left: Harald J. Vøyle, Djole from Przionica, Ivana Radusinovic, Morten Wennersgaard

As a side gig, we cupped some exceptional and some quite good coffees, roasted in cities around the globe.
Glasgow, Scotland – Dear Green – Gatomboya AB, Kenya, washed
Melbourne, Australia – Coffee Supreme – El Dessarrollo, Colombia, washed
Melbourne, Australia – Proud Mary Coffee Roasters – Don Pepe Geisha, Panama, washed
Fukuoka, Japan – MANLY Coffee – Ethiopia, natural
Portland OR, USA – Heart Roasters – Chelba, Ethiopia, washed
Helsingborg, Sweden – Koppi Roasters – Thunguri AA, Kenya, washed
Tokyo, Japan – Little Nap Coffee Stand – Ethiopia, washed
Oslo, Norway – Tim Wendelboe – Tekangu, Kenya, washed
Busan, S. Korea – Momos Coffee – Blend: COE #1 Nicaragua, COE #3 Honduras, Yukro Ethiopia

Cupping roasters around the world.

Photo: Marith Brithsdatter Photography Cupping roasters around the world.

All photos: Marith Brithsdatter Photography

Tasting Przionica Specialty Coffee Roasters from Belgrade
A couple days before, we had a nice surprise, actually cupping four different roasts from Przionica, Belgrade. They have been studying roasting inspired by Tim Wendelboe and got their direction via Nik Orosi, the 2006. 2007, 2008 and 2013 Croatian Barista Champion. Djole says they got a course from Nik and have been talking with him a lot about roasting and how to get the real potential out of a coffee. Surprise for us, having never heard of a specialty coffee roaster in Serbia – these roasts were actually really really good! Definitely on par with some of the best roasters in Norway.

We tasted four different roasts, two ethiopians, a costa rican and an el salvador

All photos: Marith Brithsdatter Photography

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