Kaffikaze is an independent team of creative coffee professionals. We design coffee stuff.
To the last drop.

Kaffikaze is entirely independent as a concept and organization. Created by siblings Ingri M. Johnsen and Harald J. Vøyle, and the brilliant illustrator Lars K. Huse. We focus on project based conceptual work, like books, events, design/art direction and merchandise/products. Our goal is to spread Extreme Coffee Enthusiasm. Our backgrounds are pretty varied, and except from coffee our expertise is rooted in visual identity/branding, narrative illustration/concept artwork and PR/marketing and strategic planning. We also published the award winning book, A-Z Coffee in 2012.

The Kaffikaze Team

From left: Lars K. Huse, Harald Johnsen Vøyle, Ingri M. Johnsen
Photo by: Viktor Holm

Reach us: post@kaffikaze.no
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Harald about Ingri

My beloved sister Ingri M. Johnsen (30) is an Art Director and Marketing Consultant at Solberg & Hansen in Oslo, Norway. She’s also one hell of a coffee brewer – and a total sucker for amazing specialty tea & whisky combinations!

She has studied design and advertising and has a bachelor’s degree in product design. She has worked with event planning and coaching start-up companies on how to get private funding, but one day Aeropressing at the office just didn’t do it anymore. She quit her job and started as a barista at Java/Mocca in Oslo where she was trained by the master barista Kaveh Ataei. Her coffee journey continued as Manager of KAFFA Butikk for a year before venturing forth to specialty coffee roasters Solberg & Hansen (S&H), Oslo. The drug has yet to let her go.

At S&H she plans and makes all their print material together with the coffee legend Tone Elin Liavaag, one of the founders of the WBC. Check out the magazine and iced drinks brochure from S&H.

Ingri placed second in the WAC (World Aeropress Championship) on 4.20 2012!

She also, the week after, placed second in the Norwegian Brewers Cup – with 221,25 points, she was short by a mere 0.18 points to 1st place.

FB: Ingri M. Johnsen – Twitter: @IngriMJ – Instagram: @Ingrimj – Gifboom: kaffeingri

Ingri about Harald:

My brother Harald Johnsen Vøyle (25) is my best friend, and also a designer and coffee extremist like me. Harald has his graphic design education from our home town Bodø in north of Norway. He used to be the NK of X Rockeklubb and he plays the bass and the Irish tin whistle. Yeah! I gave him his first Aeropress for christmas in 2007 and he’s been brewing heavy since then. Harald currently works part time as a barista for Solberg & Hansen at Mathallen Oslo.

Harald started his coffee career as a barista and coffee manager at Fuglen in Oslo. There he got to know coffee from the four supplying roasteries known as the best in Norway; Solberg & Hansen, Tim Wendelboe, KAFFA and Supreme Roastworks. He also worked at Java and Mocca, two of the best coffee bars in Oslo. In the dormitory he runs at Bislett in Oslo he is actively recruiting coffee people when there’s a free room, so if you’re coming to town with a coffee job, check for avaliability!

Harald’s specialty in design is visual identity/brand building, print, typhography, illustration, and layout for print.

FB: Harald Johnsen Vøyle – Twitter: @HaraldVoyle – Instagram: @HaraldVoyle

Ingri and Harald about Lars:

Illustration and Coffee – Lars K. Huse

Our friend and partner Lars (25) is a true coffee artist with a unique signature to his works. You will never meet him without his drawing tools, and his head is a treasure chest full of ideas on how to illustrate extreme coffee enthusiasm. This guy is not just an artist with illustration, he’s also deeply connected with specialty coffee through work experience and endless brewing adventures.

Lars actually started his coffee career as a roaster. At the time he ran Smart Club’s roastery in Oslo with Bjørnar Hafslund (currently the Master Roaster at KAFFA, Oslo). He’s also worked at both Java/Mocca and Tim Wendelboe.

When Lars decides to do something, he does it – and he does it well. An exemplary doer with incredible drive toward accomplishing his endeavours.

FB: Lars Kolstad Huse Twitter: @Cupofill Instagram: @Illustrationandcoffee

  1. Michael Terada said:

    My name is Michael Terada. I’m the Japanese guy you met at cafe fuglen the day before!!
    It was nice talking to you!! hope to see you around again soon!!
    And if you need any help with the Japanese language or anything, I’ll be willing to help 🙂

    Good luckfor the next book!!


    • Hey Michael!

      It was so nice to meet all of you! =)
      Say the word if you’re in Oslo, we can hang out!


      / Harald

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