We at Kaffikaze have travelled a lot around lately, Harald and Ingri went to Japan and Australia via Finland and Singapore, while Lars flew over to NYC to attend the 2nd annual Food Book Fair, where he hosted a Coffee Crawl together with the awesome Oliver Strand! Here´s Lars´s own version of what went down: 

I have been meaning to write a little bit about my week in NYC, The Food Book Fair and The Coffee Crawl I co-hosted together with Oliver Strand. Sorry for the Long delay, things have been really busy around here, at least you don´t have to wait any longer!

To start off, we went on Heritage Radio Network show, Foodseen, to talk a little bit of the events of the weekend.

Tune in here:

also, to kick of the 2nd annual Food Book Fair was an opening party at the

Brooklyn winery, which also doubled as a Fundraiser for Veggie Island. For this I brewed up a few Chemexes of some astonishing coffees from Solberg & Hansen and Kaffa.

Here goes:

 During the first Weekend of may, the 2nd Annual Food Book Fair went down in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC, the venue for this was the Wythe Hotel. FBF was founded by Elizabeth Thacker Jones in 2012 and is a platform for discussing and thinking about food and the framework that exists around our consumption of food, as well as a celebration of the intersection between food and design.
This year´s rendition consisted of a three-day series of panel discussions, cooking demonstrations, book signings, Dining events, tastings, events to stimulate new enterprises and Foodieodicals, all celebrating food, writing, art, design, ideas and people behind it.

In addition to setting up a table at Foodieodicals, I (as mentioned earlier) co-hosted a Williamsburg Coffee Crawl For the Food Book Fair.

Coffee Crawl

For the event I created a Coffee Map, curated by Mr. Strand and an itinerary, showing the various steps and themes of the Crawl.

MapLarge itinerary
We started off at Toby´s Estate where we learnt a bit about Roasting and cupping (cup tasting). Head Roaster Deaton was so generous as to Roast a batch of coffee right in front of all 25 people on the crawl!
Cupping/ cuptasting at Toby´s Estate.
Next up was Blue Bottle.
Here we tried 1 coffee brewed 3 different ways, a Rwandan Coffee on Chemex, Oji Cold- drip and French Press. Also they served a selection of cookies made Using Mast Brothers Chocolate.
Onwards to Sweetleaf, where they profiled and served 2 different espresso shots to everybody(!)
To Finish it up, we went to Reynard´s at the Wythe Hotel where I brewed up a few Chemexes of coffee I had brought over from Oslo to showcase what the Norwegian Capital has to offer in terms of Coffee Roasting.
A big thanks to Tim WendelboeSolberg & Hansen and Kaffa for supplying these utterly amazing coffees so that I got to share them with the crowd.
Of course I also took the opportunity to check out what NYC´s coffee scene had to offer, and thus have loads of photos on my Instagram
To finish it all off I Mile High Aeropressed me some Heart, Colombia El Desarollo on the plane back, delicious!
I met so many awesome people, ate and drank so much delicious stuff! Thanks you so much to everybody! I had a great time and can´t wait to go back next year!