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It’s a time for excitement as Kaffikaze once again embarks on marvellous adventures! 😀
This May, a lot of stuff is going down!

Lars Huse & Oliver Strand

Lars Huse & Oliver Strand (Instagram)

New York Food Book Fair 2013 May 3rd-5th
Firstly: 1/3 of Kaffikaze, Lars K. Huse, will be visiting the NY Food Book Fair to have a coffee crawl with NY Times’ renown coffee writer/enthusiast Oliver Strand. We love you Oliver! =) They will also be bringing along coffee from Norwegian/Oslo roasteries KAFFA brenneriTim Wendelboe and Solberg & Hansen.

Japan Aeropress Championship 2013
Ingri M. Johnsen (2nd place, World Aeropress Championship 2012 and 3rd place, Brewers Cup Norway 2013) will be Head Judge at the Japan Aeropress Championship 2013, which is hosted at Fuglen Tokyo May 17th, at 12.00 o’clock. Upon arrival the 14th, Harald J. Vøyle (3rd place Cup Tasters Norway 2013) will be coaching the charming barista/superhero Kenta Tsukada (of Paul Bassett Shinjuku) to represent Kaffikaze with flair. (FYI: The competition is judged blindly, and the only parameter is taste.) It will be fun to see what Kenta san can achieve!

Japan Aeropress Championship 2013

Aerokira / Akirapress poster for JAC2013
For the poster, we knew that we wanted something truly iconic, and have it be a reference to something we all could connect to. The poster is our way of appreciating a great childhood – from Akira to GITS, NGE, the Matrix and finally to the Aeropress. All three of us are born in the eighties. We always have a strong focus on the conceptual in everything we do, so we wanted to make this poster without compromise. We decided that this composition and reference to Akira would do just the right thing. In addition the color scheme and composition is reminiscent of the Japanese flag. By juxtapozing an Aeropress with that which was already established by Katsuhiro Otomo we create something new. What is funny is that so many people have now asked for a red Aeropress, hell we want one! Lars K. Huse and Harald J. Vøyle, who made the poster, also made the award winning book A-Z Coffee last year, and the same sense of style and precision that exists in A-Z Coffee is also inherent in the poster for the Japanese Aeropress Championship.

Kaffikaze in World Aeropress Championship 2013
Ingri M. Johnsen will represent Norway this year as well in the World Aeropress Championship 2013, May 24th in Melbourne, Australia. Her kick-ass recipes for awesomeness in Aeropress never cease to amaze! We are, needless to say, SUPER excited! 😀

We’re making some more Mile High Aeropress Club submissions on Instagram!
Our flights will be OSL-HEL-NRT-MEL-SIN-HEL-OSL. We’ll get some coffee brewed. =)

MHAC in the media: 

– Caffeine Magazine
Bodø Nu
Coffee Frames
Coffee snobs AU (online forum) post by James Lee Mandy

A-Z Coffee: The Anti-Coffeetable Book

We are really pleased to have been awarded with a diploma in Open Category in the competition Årets Vakreste Bøker 2013 (This Year’s Most Beautiful Books 2013″ by Grafill, the Norwegian organization for visual communication. We’re humbled and grateful for this amazing achievement. Our Norwegian peers give a tough challenge, and frankly we were a bit surprised the small book we made actually came through with the Jury.

A-Z Coffee - Årets Vakreste Bøker 2013

A-Z Coffee – Årets Vakreste Bøker 2013

Jury’s comments:

Juryens kommentar
En liten personlig bok om kaffe som har en fin enkelhet og en slående idé. Meget tynt papir med forseggjorte illustrasjoner, eiendommelig nok med sitt enkle format og uttrykk. Nedtonet og fungerer nesten som en anticoffee- tablebook.

In English:

Jury’s comments
A small and personal book about coffee with a nice simplicity and a striking idea. Very thin paper with elaborate illustrations, peculiar with it’s simple format and expression. Toned down, and almost works as an anti coffee table book.


Supplies! Photo by: Ørjan Laxaa


Thanks! Photo by: Ørjan Laxaa

A-Z Coffee: the anti coffeetable book

A-Z Coffee: the anti coffeetable book Photo by: Ørjan Laxaa

Harald said something completely odd and ridiculous about Lars not being there.

Harald said something completely odd and ridiculous about Lars not being there. Photo by: Ørjan Laxaa


Slam! Photo by: Ørjan Laxaa

As you guys know, we’re very proud of the book, and we’ve invested a lot of effort and time into making it the best we could. A strict focus on the conceptual and a meticulous approach to the devil the details paid off in the end.

Have fun and enjoy coffee!
What we think is most important is, has been and will still be; to share extreme coffee enthusiasm. To the last drop! 🙂

Our friends at Sprudge.com posted about the award. (This is the fourth time we’ve been Sprudged, which we think is amazing – and by the way, the last one was about something we’ll get back to later; the Mile High AeroPress Club) Thanks guys! You are so lovely! =)

Lars K. HusePhoto by: Viktor Holm

Lars K. Huse
Photo by: Viktor Holm

So! You’ve just entered the book A-Z Coffee in Norway’s prestigious competition ‘The Year’s Most Beautiful Books’ (Årets Vakreste Bøker). Congratulations!
How did you wind up making this book?

Lars Kolstad Huse
Ooohh.. Tough question.. hmmm…
Well, in reality it´s been a long time in the making.

I´ve been doing work as an illustrator basically as long as I´ve been working within the specialty coffee industry. First starting out in a coffee roastery, with Bjørnar Hafslund, who is now the roaster at KAFFA, Oslo, then working as a barista, etc.

Quick facts:
A-Z Coffee – A kickstarter for geeky coffee conversations
Book was launched 25.05.2012 at specialty coffee shop Protein by DunneFrankowski at
18 Hewett st. Gallery in Shoreditch London. Also launched in Berlin, Oslo and Tokyo.
Author: Lars K. Huse (illustrationandcoffee.com)
Illustrations: Lars K. Huse
Design: Harald J. Vøyle
This book project turned into a starting point for the Kaffikaze adventure.

Lars Kolstad Huse
Anyway, it has been my aspiration to combine coffee and art/illustration and present specialty coffee in a new light, hopefully opening it up for new audiences. As my Final Major project for my degree, I was presented with the prospect of creating some sort of book. One thing lead to the other…
Voila! A-Z coffee.
I could however not have made it happen without the financial backing provided by our collaborators. And so what had been years in the making all came together quite quickly.

The book is printed on Risograph, how does that differ from other printing methods?
And why did you choose it for the book?

Lars Kolstad Huse
Well, first of all, it’s an analog method of printing, kind of like screenprinting. Only one colour can be printed at a time, however any colour can be printed. It’s relatively inexpensive and it is much better for the environment than the alternative digital or offset printing. It uses a soy based ink. Most important, I feel this production method is the best option for replicating intricate monochromatic linework.

Printing happily away! Follow @dittopress on instagram =)

Printing happily away! Follow @dittopress on instagram =)

So, the illustrations and text are printed with soy based ink, is that related to environmental reasons as well?

Lars Kolstad Huse
Yep, I tried to make something that had the least negative impact on the environment, hence the recycled paper, also I was living in London at the time, so I only seemed natural to get it printed locally.

How did you come across this newly started company Ditto Press Ltd.?

Lars Kolstad Huse
That’s easy, one of my housemates, a graphic designer had used them only months before and she highly recommended them. Well. That’s not all of it though, I did a bit of research, and found 3 different companies doing risograph. Plus they offer a good 10% student discount. Ditto Press seemed by far to be the best option for me. Great, reliable service – and they were quick to give me a quote. In a recent article in the Hackney Citizen, they said our book A-Z Coffee was actually their biggest job so far!

Giving birth

Giving birth
Photo by: Viktor Holm

What feeling were you looking for when choosing the paper quality?

Lars Kolstad Huse
That was a long process actually. I went around to different paper companies, feeling and touching.
I wanted something a bit ephemeral, and had an idea of using a bible paper. I was looking at this German one that was 40gsm!
It was a matter of feeling and light shining through. It needed to be just right, not showing too much through the page. But also it needed to be printable, obviously, and I was on a budget. I found these amazing Japanese papers and an architectural paper that was quite similar to the paper used in coffee filters.
In the end we settled on a 100% recycled paper which Ditto had experience with earlier, Redeem 60gsm. And it was just perfect in terms of feel, transparency and it was not too white, kind of had a natural feel to it.

For the cover I wanted to do the total opposite, get something a bit more sturdy and functional to protect what’s inside. And I thought of maybe screen printing it.
I was only too exited when we found the Eco Kraft which could be printed on the riso as well. Oh, and we bound it using copper staples. I had initially thought about getting it stiched, but when Ben at Ditto told me I could basically have any colour staples I wanted, it was an easy decision.

The staples that bind the book aren’t regular staples, are they?

Lars Kolstad Huse
It is copper wire. The copper reminds me of the old Norwegian coffee kettle also known as “kaffelars” incidentally a nickname of mine. It was tight toward the deadline, because of big demand with the finishers. Ditto, however, like true champs stepped up to the plate and were great service-wise.
Deadlines were tight and we received the books a mere hour before the booklaunch.

All in all it has been amazing stuff, and Ditto has been really good working with. I think this is reflective in the international success of A-Z Coffee. It turned out pretty much spot on my preconceived vision of it, perhaps even exceeded it!

Passionate about coffee

Passionate about coffee
Photo by: Viktor Holm